I'm sure you've heard the saying "if you love something. let it go.. and if it comes back then it's surely meant to be.. "

It all started, long ago in High School, awkward artsy me, decided to take a photography class to fill up the remainder of my senior year. I fell in love with being able to create art with my whole being. Growing up, my family was always supportive of the arts, including piano and painting. Oh, how I enjoyed watching Bob Ross and his happy little trees. Trying to recreate something coming from me, painting never felt natural or quite right. It was when I saw the work of world renowned, Anne Geddes photography of these amazing beings that caught my eye. Her work was epic and mesmerizing and truly made you think! This was the beginning of something new and inspiring and what ultimately drove me to my passion and work today! I can hardly call it work though, It's more of an expression, and outlet for me! I'll spare you the boring in-between stuff, It involves business school, a few banks, anti money laundering and some experience in customer service. 


In 2014, I met my rock, my other half, my supporter and the father to my at this time (to be my 3 amazing children.) We fell in love and had our first little boy, Nolan. We shopped around, and quite frankly, I was very uninformed to what went into newborn photography. Regretfully, we went to a big box store for a whole 15 minute session and, well, we didn't really get what we expected but we got what we paid for! Admittingly, I said to myself, I could have done better than that! 6 months later, my newly found business was just getting started. I traded an old WII for a used digital camera. It wasn't in the best shape, and certainly was intimidating even though I had taken those classes so many years ago. I experimented, read, tried and failed and then tried again. I listened to tutorials, used friends and anyone willing to let me take a few photos to help me grow. It's been quite the ride going from starting at zero, to learning along side of the world renowned photographer Anna Brandt. I've taken workshops for safety and lighting along with online courses and 5 years of trial and error and much success. It's my passion to bring your family moving images that you can pass down to coming generations. I hope you enjoy my work and can feel the care and time put into our time together creating memories. 


I'm an open book, so ask me anything!! Hobbies include inhaling chocolate, and way too much coffee. I stay up way too late editing because, that's my quiet time. As a family, we head to Maine every chance we get! 


I hope i'm your match made in photography heaven! Let's get coffee, on me!! 


Chat soon..